Below you will find numerous executive guides, white papers, product reviews and articles authored by Richard Bourke.

Search . . . and find

September 2013, Mechanical Engineering magazine of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. Published article characterizes search applications for engineering and manufacturing.

Application Brief - Product Data: Finding It - Using It By Deploying a Search Engine Solution July 15, 2013 - Previously published series in John Stark's 2PLM Newsletter is now compiled into one document for easier viewing and reading.
Search Made Simple

March 2012 - How Alcove9 embedded in Aras Innovator PLM system enables both deep and wide searches into other enterprise repositories.

Maximizing the Value of PLM and ERP: Integration and Collaboration Update of original series from John Stark's 2PLM Newsletter, 2010 - 2011. August 2011.
Configurability Strategies
Configurability Strategy - A Competitive Advantage

An introduction to the elements of product development for configurable products, with an emphasis on configurator software, June 2005.

Optimizing the Lead-to-Order Process

An Executive Guide describing the elements of the LTO process and the benefits of deploying a product configurator, April 2005

Achieving Success with Mass Customization: The Vital Contributions of Engineering
Computer-Aided ENGINEERING, October 1999, assisted by Johan Arts and Martin van der Roest.  This feature article explores in depth the significance of standardization, modularity, product line rationalization, configurators, and interoperability.
Mass Customization: Survival and Growth in the To-Order Sector
This executive white paper defines the significance of mass customization and describes the software elements, April 1999.
Product Line Rationalization: A Prerequisite to Mass Customization
Midrange Enterprise, January 1999. Ten steps to successfully complete the PLR process are described.
Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)
Reprint from the Classic "Bill of Materials - The Key Building Block" Richard Bourke releases first chapter reprint from Bill of Materials - The Key Building Block.  The American Production and Inventory Control Society cited his book as a "classic" in the field.
October 5, 2008 - Software Review: CADnection Links AutoCAD to SharePoint
Desktop Engineering, October 2008.  Many corporations use Microsoft SharePoint Server as a way to exchange, manage, and collaborate.  But because the information repository is geared towards the business software, it provides no effective way to handle AutoCAD engineering data during design projects. Fortunately, the CADnection program solves this problem.
More than Dazzling PowerPoints: The Role of the PLM Evangelist
A Quick Note, describing how to gain executive commitment, December 2006.
Product & Portfolio Management
2PLM e-zine, January 2003. An overview and status of software.
Revolutionizing Today's World of Product Development A discussion of innovative technologies with Steven Hayes Young, of ImpactXoft, February 2002.
The DAMA Advantage
Midrange Enterprise, February 2001. Highlights of the Management Roundtable "Design Anywhere, Manufacture Anywhere" conference, October 2000 are presented.
A Discussion with Wayne Collier
Midrange Enterprise, January 2001. A leading industry consultant describes key trends in CPC.
Unified Product Lifecycle Management
August 1999.  This executive level white paper defines the significance of UPLM, identifies the software elements, and explains the benefits of integrating the elements.
Component and Supplier Management: A Strategic Imperative
September 1999. A white paper written for Nitidus Technology (acquired by PTC).  A generic overview of the benefits and characteristics of CSM.
Product Lifecycle Management in Complex Industries
The Baan Company, February 1999.  An executive level, generic presentation of the three major elements: Project Management, Product Data Management, and Enterprise Resource Planning.
Configurator Software Selection: Is it Different?
A Quick Note identifying two evaluation factors, June 2007.
Top Ten Risks to a Configuration Project and How to Avoid Them
An Executive Guide to identify the top ten risks and describe proven actions to avoid or mitigate them, November 2005.
PTC's DynamicDesignLink, Solving the configuration needs for Design-to-Order products
Desktop Engineering, February 2002. A review of PTC's recently announced product.
Product Configurator Software: Understanding the differences
2PDM e-zine, January 2002.
Product Configurators: Key Enablers for Mass Customization
Midrange Enterprise, August 2000. This special report describes current status and identifies trends for companies evaluating and selecting configurators.
Configurators: A Status Report
The Performance Advantage, May 1998. The evolution of configurators and strategies to guide the best selection of software are explored.
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
An Essential PLM/ERP Basic: Bill of Material Management
A Quick Note: discussing proper structuring and accuracy measurement, March 2007.
Designs on the Future
Midrange Enterprise, May 2001. From the author's experience some guidelines to develop an effective "To-Be" vision for CPC and ERP systems.
Wisdom of the Masses: A look at the union between CPC, ERP and ASP
Midrange Enterprise, March 2001. Some reader questions generated by previous articles are answered.
Big B Before Little e
Midrange Enterprise, March 2000.  To provide readers some implementation tips, the basics of effective Bill of Material management and team building are presented.
New Directions in the Aerospace and Defense Industry: The Integration of Product Data Management and Enterprise Resource Planning Systems
Mission Critical, publication of The Baan Company, March 1998.  The potential of integrating these systems is explained for management level readers.
Systems Planning and Implementation
Software Evaluation: The Proof of Concept
Engineering Data Management Newsletter, May 2002. Guidelines for successful software acquisition.
Team Chemistry
Midrange Enterprise, October 2001. Some hints for project team effectiveness.
Avoiding the Implementation Iceberg
Midrange Enterprise, May 2000. Implementing PDM and ERP systems requires cultural change skills as well as technical knowledge.
A Perspective for the New Millennium
Midrange Enterprise, January 2000.  For strategic planning, anticipated trends are identified.  Readers are cautioned against relying on technology alone for success with new systems.