Product Line Rationalization: A Prerequisite to Mass Customization

Achieving the benefits of Mass Customization is often cited as a compelling reason for deploying a Collaborative Product Commerce (CPC) strategy.  Implementing a Product Configurator has been identified as a prerequisite to Mass Customization, and Product Line Rationalization (PLR) was identified as a prerequisite to a Product Configurator.  Why PLR? In many companies, there are bloated product lines, a mish-mash of features and options, a lack of modular product design, and untapped profitability - to cite just a few harrowing conditions impeding progress to a total CPC strategy with Mass Customization as an objective.  Overall, simplify is the essence of a definition for Product Line Rationalization.  What a company should be trying to accomplish is to:  "Eliminate or outsource products that are prone to problems, have low sales, have excessive overhead demands, have limited future potential, are not appreciated by customers, or may actually be losing money ...

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