Revolutionizing Today's World of Product Development

As one who has spent most of his career in manufacturing, consulting, educating, or writing on the tools that improve the flow of product information throughout the product lifecycle, I am continually on the lookout for next generation products that promise to revolutionize the world of manufacturing.  Compelled by my interest in Lockheed Martin's Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) project and by a recent Industry Week article that recognized five of the most innovative technologies in 2001, I was interested to discuss some issues with Steven Hayes Young, currently with ImpactXoft, one of Industry Week's technology winners, and someone I crossed paths with seven years ago while participating on an executive panel discussing the value of engineering data to downstream disciplines.  Steven's career has focused around break through technologies as further evidenced by his past roles as a consultant at SRI (Stanford Research Institute), driving new time-to-market business strategies, and as a business analyst for FORMTEK where he participated in the early development of the JSF Technology program.  We discussed our views on the JSF program, and how innovative technologies have helped it move from a vision to a reality.  Furthermore, we discussed how the manufacturing community can benefit from these new collaborative technologies ...

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