New Directions in the Aerospace and Defense Industry: The Integration of Product Data Management and Enterprise Resource Planning Systems

As dramatic challenges continue to sweep through the aerospace and defense (A&D) industry, harnessing the power of the modern tools of Information Technology (IT) becomes even more imperative to enhance a company's competitive posture.  Many challenges, such as reducing time-to-market, cutting costs and adopting commercial practices, directly affect an A&D company's product life cycle management.  Because of the high engineering design content of complex A&D products, the processes involving all phases of product data management are mission critical. As A&D companies adopt virtual enterprise concepts, the information infra-structure must support intercompany exchange of many types of product data along the supply chain of companies - customers and suppliers.  Therefore, this article will address how Product Data Management (PDM) systems integrated with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems facilitate effective product life cycle management ...

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