Reprint from the Classic "Bill of Materials - The Key Building Block"

March 17, 2010

The creation and maintenance of a bill of materials (BoM) to meet a wide range of user's needs has long been a paramount issue in manufacturing systems development.  Accordingly, as manufacturing systems were evolving, I published a booklet about Bill of Materials (BoM) based on my experience at the time.  I discuss many essential subjects regarding effective systems design and implementation. The chapter reprinted here titled "Engineering: Change Control and Other Matters," provides perspective on the interrelated subjects of managing engineering change activity and proper structuring of the BoM.

The following contents are still valid and relevant: they are a mixture of concepts and timeless cultural considerations.  I have reprinted as first published except I deleted the original references.  However, I have listed a few selected references for you at the end of this document.

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